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Haley and I have talked about setting up a business together.  Whilst covid forced us to change how we worked it also meant that we had both the physical and emotional space to start having more serious conversations about working together. From my perspective I love VLM Therapy and am so passionate about the therapeutic work I get to do. However, I am just one person and had become increasingly aware that I physically couldn’t take on more clients- there just wasn’t the hours in the day, and working with trauma is so heavy so I knew if I wanted to do it long term I needed to balance it out with something else.

So, during the summer holidays, over multiple coffees, and a few gins, we finally made the decision to take a chance. In September 2021 Better Me Better Us Ltd was officially launched.

A few years on and I’m loving the opportunities we are getting to deliver training to a range of different people, from professionals within Local Authority Teams, parents and carers of neurodiverse children as well as safeguarding training for therapeutic professionals.

Whilst I might have lots of qualifications behind me (thanks Mum for proof reading all my essays), I am not the most academic person which is why I’m so passionate about bringing theory alive, looking at how it presents in practice and in your home.

If you are interested in any training please do not hesitate to get in contact with me through Better Me Better Us Ltd to talk about your training or consultancy needs.

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